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Yarmouth Boatworks – G Camus Fisheries – Nov 2016

This one was a close call to get it finish for opening of the 2016 District 34 lobster season. System Kawasaki K3VL-200 LS Pump GSL200/4 LS valve, hydraulic joysticks & GSL200/3 LS Valve with manual controls 17″ hauler, 14″ hauler, 12″ Bow thruster, 2-Pullmaster PL2. Still to be installed , Crab Hauler, 2 cylinder for arm & Bait cutter. PS. I forgot to take... read more

Irish Rebel – Launch Nov 2016

The Irish Rebel was done with S/S Hydraulic tubing. The end result is a neat and long lasting (20 years). System: Kawasaki K3VL-140 Pump Galtech GSL200/3  LS valve , Hydraulic Joystick controls 15″ Side Power Bow thruster. Rotzler TD1 Winch (24V... read more

Yarmouth Boatworks – Challenger

Load Sense (Demand) Kawasaki K3VL140 Main Pump. Galtech GSL200 3 section valve controlled by electronic joystick. All line are 316SS tubing (except heavy vibration areas like pump and motors). Steering uses same oil tank & cooler with a 6gpm separate pump. This acts as a kidney loop which continuously cools and filters the oil. The end result is under heavy use max oil temperate is approx 130°F... read more

Yarmouth Boats – Family Venture

  Job completed in July 2015. Vane pump, 2 Pullmaster PL2, 12″ bow thruster and 2 – 14″ Haulers. Most of the engine room is plumbed with 316 S/S tubing. The control for the pullmaster and bow thruster is done with joystick operated solenoids. Oil tank is split for steering and main hydraulics. This help in the cooling of the... read more